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          Art Niche Sculptures $10,000

          List of 3 items.

          • St. Paul Miki

            Patron Saint of the 26 Martyrs of Japan
          • St. Agatha Lin Zhao

            Chinese Martyr
          • St. Charles Lwanga

            Patron Saint of African Youth & Catholic Action

          Leaf Wall $2,500

          Give your student or family a permanent place on this special wall; located in the Naumes Center entrance.  

          Wall of Blessing $2,500

          Send a blessing in honor of or in memory of someone special. The Wall of Blessings is located next to the St. Mary’s Chapel.

          *Gifts received for St. Mary's Chapel artwork or the Wall of Blessing will be put towards the St. Mary's Fund and directed towards operating expenses for the chapel.
          For more information please call 541-414-1208 or email Bethany Brown, Director of Advancement at bbrown@smschool.us.

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