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          • "St. Mary’s has been a school that has encouraged my childen to pursue their interest and find their strengths. I have seen a quiet child learn how to be part of a group and share her voice, participate in sports while keeping up with her academics and exceed our expectations. Our son now attends there and we have found the staff to be equally accommodating to him as they were with her. They are willing to meet kids where they are,encourage them and support them while helping them to succeed. We are very pleased to be part of the school family."
          • 学生

            "The teachers at St. Mary's are knowledgeable people in their fields, they educate students well and respect us as young adults preparing for the future. By combining traditional teaching techniques and embracing more recent practices, the teachers succeed in making the materials interesting. While being able to act professionally, teachers understand students as growing people with opinions and knowledge of their own and interact in a more friendly manner. Overall, St. Mary's teachers perform excellently as professionals and are able to engage on a personal level with the students to create a strong working environment."
          • 明矾

            "St. Mary's was a fantastic educational experience for me. The teachers are knowledgable and supportive of all types of students and learners. My 6 years (grades 7-12) not only prepared me for college, but inspired me to be a life-long learner and appreciator of knowledge. Additionally, the school allowed me to explore many other interests that would not have been possible in a larger school setting (varsity sports, art, speech and debate, etc.)

            St. Mary's was the best possible learning environment for me and I cannot speak more highly of the school, its mission, and the people who work and attend there."
          • 教员

            "We can individually take care of our students, addressing their needs, requests, and talents, and be part of their academic achievements in a highly stimulating and supporting environment. Exploratory classrooms go hand in hand with high quality college prep-academics, preparing students for their next steps in life. I love teaching here, as the whole child is taken into account when it comes to personal and academic growth."
          • 学生

            "The greatest educational experience I could have possibly asked for. The cafeteria is in my opinion overpriced but there are many viable options to get around that and that serves as a pathetic nitpick in the face of the place that will ensure the long-term success of whomever walks its halls. Classes are small, and teachers are supportive and personable. It is a nigh inevitability that one will build rapport with one's professors, and that you will have at least two great options for your college recommendation letters by the end of your time at St. Mary's. There are class options and activity options for every interest, and the rigorous nature of the system ensures you will be far more prepared than those attending other schools in the area."
          • "I’ve been a parent of both middle school and high school students at St. Mary’s for the last 4 years. I can honestly say that if I could imagine the school of my dreams, St. Mary’s is that school and then some! The teachers and staff genuinely care about my children and are fully invested in helping them to teach their full potential. They are challenged academically as well as guided and educated in so many other areas of learning that are often overlooked in the public school system. The new 2.0 curriculum has been excellent and I can see with certainty how my children are on a strong path to success because of it. We truly love St. Mary’s school and cannot imagine being anywhere else."


          • 明矾

            "My education at UEDbet inspired me to grow as an individual, embracing my unique gifts and abilities. My formative years at St. Mary's taught me how to learn, how to step outside my comfort zone, and how to take healthy risks to further my career."
          • 明矾

            "This school completely prepared me for my undergraduate education at Loyola Marymount University. Between the challenging AP courses and the general required classes (such as theology and basic sciences), my four years at St. Mary's taught me how to think thoroughly, creatively, and compassionately."
          • "Phenomenal all around. 学生s from all over the world combine with local students to create a truly international environment. Eclipses the academics of local public schools by miles and miles!"

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